The DNR Law Enforcement Division uses an established policy to guide recommended restrictions based on conditions at a given lake.

After a condition or hazard is reported to the DNR, an Indiana Conservation Officer with the DNR Division of Law Enforcement investigates and recommends a course of action.


The recommendation is reviewed by supervisors and forwarded to the DNR Director for final approval. Indiana Administrative Code (312 IAC 5-12) authorizes the DNR Director to modify or close public waters to watercraft use through a temporary order.


A simple red, yellow, or green sign will be displayed near the entrance road to each of the main residential sections of our lake. A red sign will mean the lake is closed, a yellow sign will mean no wake (idle speed) only, and a green sign will mean the lake is open. 

DISCLAIMER: This feature is meant as a courtesy only-not an official status. The status may not be accurate. Check with DNR for official lake status. It is your responsibility to verify the actual status of the lake through the DNR.


Dallas Lake is:


Your Lake Association has devised a notification system to alert those residents coming to the lake, as to whether or not the lake is closed/open.

For up to the minute status of Indiana Lakes, and additional details, visit the DNR Status page: <CLICK HERE>

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